Atlanta’s Favorite NBA Team Wins One In Philips

Kobe, Derek, Pau, and the rest of the back-to-back champion Los Angeles Lakers visited Atlanta last week (3/8/11) and dismantled the Hawks. It was their 8th straight win and in my mind cemented their return to dominant play. It was also the only time Atlanta’s apparent favorite team (Laker fans easily out numbered and out cheered Hawks fans) will visit this season as the Lakers play the Hawks once in Atlanta and once in LA each season (both were shortly after the all-star break this season and LA took both wins).

After their win in Atlanta, Laker fans (I’m now speaking for Laker fans everywhere, somehow I can do that) felt like we were back. LA took a travel day, headed to Miami, played a solid game, and lost. Yes, watching the game I thought, “Man, these are two good teams” and they beat us again! So it leads me to wonder if the Heat are that good or if we just don’t have it this year? I mean, we killed the Spurs in our last match-up. I feel like we are the best team in the West and will get to another championship series (so long as Bynum stays healthy) but can we handle Boston (again) or Miami? I’m not sure. Please share your opinion in the comments.

We took care of the Mavericks and Magic since then so maybe we’re in good shape. If we can keep winning (10-1 in last 11) then we should catch the Mavs and get the two seed in the Western confernce. Right now I’m cautiously optimistic.

Go Lakers!


One thought on “Atlanta’s Favorite NBA Team Wins One In Philips

  1. I feel like the Lakers will come out of the West again. I know the Spurs have the best record, but I think in a playoff series, LA would have the edge.

    Boston or Miami would be tough to face in the Finals, but (despite our 0-2 record against Miami this year) LA can certainly beat either. It’d be awesome to see Phil get his fourth three-peat.

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