Ryan Kantor

About Me

I’m a Clemson fan, alumnus, donor, and football season ticket holder. I fell in love with the Tigers in the 8th grade when I visited for the first time and my neighbor bought me a souvenir basketball which I’d play with in my driveway nearly everyday.

I’m also a die-hard Yankees fan and have been since 1996, when my mother bet me $0.50 that they’d beat our hometown Braves. Upon winning the bet, she proposed that instead of paying my $0.50 debt, I become a Yankees fan. Four World Series Championships later, I’d say that’s great parenting.

I graduated from Clemson in 2011. While there I spent some time writing for a school newspaper about sports and politics– discussing mostly Clemson sports and current political events around the country. I graduated from the Master of Marketing Research program at UGA in Athens. I now live in Atlanta and am a corporate marketing researcher when I’m not blogging about the Tigers.

The Beginnings of The Blog

This blog was originally started by two Clemson University seniors, Ryan Kantor and Tommy Dianora, looking for an outlet for writing and their passions. Tommy has since started his own movie blog a topic he’s become increasingly passionate about. He’s also become a writer for the Artifice and the Hockey Writers Association.

This has become RyanKantor.com and is now my personal blog. While most of my writing is now done as a contributor to SB Nation’s Clemson site, Shakin’ the Southland, where I started writing in 2013, I’ll occasionally post original content here as well. Thanks for reading.