About This Blog

The Beginnings of The Blog

This blog was originally started by two Clemson University seniors, Ryan Kantor and Tom Dianora, looking for an outlet for writing and their passions – namely sports and music. Tom no longer posts on this site. He has started his own movie blog and begun writing for the Artifice, the Hockey Writers Association, and most recently Blue Shirt Banter.

With Tom seeking new ventures, this blog has become RyanKantor.com, my personal blog for articles that aren’t a fit for the two Clemson sports sites where my primary articles are published: TigerNet.com and ShakintheSouthland.com.

About Me

I’m a passionate sports fan. I grew up rooting for the New York Yankees, but became just as passionate about the Clemson Tigers after visiting campus in the 8th grade. I’d eventually attend school there where I was a member of the IPTAY student advisory board and a student newspaper staff. I was there through Tommy Bowden’s last two season’s and the up-and-downs of Coach Swinney’s first two seasons. I saw great basketball under Coach Oliver Purnell and enjoyed sports as a major part of the student experience.

To stay connected to the Clemson community, I eventually started blogging about Clemson sports. In 2013, I joined SB Nation’s Shakin the Southland. In 2020, I got the opportunity to also contribute articles to TigerNet, the largest Clemson sports site on the web.

You can read my Clemson articles there, as well as some that I continue to post here alongside my non-Clemson articles. Thanks for visiting. To continue my articles, please “like” my page on Facebook.