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BREAKING: Clemson to Build New Basketball Arena

BREAKING: Clemson to Build New Basketball Arena

(8/17/2013) – I’ve just heard from sources in Clemson, that the University will soon announce plans to build a new basketball-only facility connected to, but separate from, Littlejohn Coliseum. The new arena is expected to be named after a major donor. Littlejohn Coliseum will continue to be used for concerts and miscellaneous events such as … Continue reading

Brad Brownell, Clemson, Land Program Saving Recruits

It was just a few months ago that Clemson’s basketball program appeared to be in utter disarray. At the season’s conclusion, Brad Brownell was clearly disappointed in the dedication of his team and specifically the graduating seniors. Despite their poor attitudes, departing Seniors Milton Jennings and Devin Booker were Clemson’s only semblance of a post … Continue reading

Steve Nash And The Genius That Is Mitch Kupchak

The NBA was the first sports league I ever followed and the Lakers my first team, but with David Stern ripping Chris Paul away from us and the whole mess of the NBA lockout, I was pretty bitter about this NBA season (hence just the two NBA blog posts all season). This wasn’t helped by my recent acceptance that … Continue reading

Atlanta’s Favorite NBA Team Wins One In Philips

Kobe, Derek, Pau, and the rest of the back-to-back champion Los Angeles Lakers visited Atlanta last week (3/8/11) and dismantled the Hawks. It was their 8th straight win and in my mind cemented their return to dominant play. It was also the only time Atlanta’s apparent favorite team (Laker fans easily out numbered and out … Continue reading