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Just Like That, The Lakers are Back: Dwight Howard is a Laker

The NBA, my first sports love, just became fun again. It’s not that I’m a fair weather fan, I love the Lakers through thick and thin, it’s just that… Winning is fun isn’t it? And that’s what the Lakers look poised to do next season. Despite David Stern’s best efforts, the NBA’s biggest fan base–that … Continue reading


Lakers Do The Unthinkable, Trade Fisher To Improve

This news hit like a punch in the gut. Uber fan favorite, Derek Fisher, is no longer a Laker. Mitch Kupchak, easily one of the most well-respected GMs in professional sports, separated himself from emotion to improve a Lakers team that has earned a deplorable 9-14 road record (18-2 at home). The new collective bargaining … Continue reading

How Will Clemson Respond To Orange Bowl Shame?

Since the ACC began determining their champion with a conference championship game in 2005, Clemson fans have longed for the title. Elusive to the tigers since 1991, winning the conference championship became the overriding goal for the program. Only the Clemson Tigers we know and love could manage to sour a season in which they … Continue reading

Atlanta’s Favorite NBA Team Wins One In Philips

Kobe, Derek, Pau, and the rest of the back-to-back champion Los Angeles Lakers visited Atlanta last week (3/8/11) and dismantled the Hawks. It was their 8th straight win and in my mind cemented their return to dominant play. It was also the only time Atlanta’s apparent favorite team (Laker fans easily out numbered and out … Continue reading