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Atlanta Falcons Expecting a Beautiful New $1 Billion Stadium

Arthur Blank, the venerable owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has thoroughly¬†expressed his desire for a new retractable roof stadium as a new home for his franchise. The Georgia Dome, bland as can be, is 20-years-old. In negotiating with the city for a new stadium, he¬†found leverage anywhere he could, including threatening to move the Falcons … Continue reading


Lakers Win Over Thunder the Turning Point?

The Los Angeles Lakers will make the playoffs! After every win, no matter how few and far between, it seems someone is calling it the turning point, that “fulcrum” in the season when the Lakers pivot from the mess they have been, to what they were supposed to be. HoopsWorld wondered if their January 13th … Continue reading

Atlanta’s Favorite NBA Team Wins One In Philips

Kobe, Derek, Pau, and the rest of the back-to-back champion Los Angeles Lakers visited Atlanta last week (3/8/11) and dismantled the Hawks. It was their 8th straight win and in my mind cemented their return to dominant play. It was also the only time Atlanta’s apparent favorite team (Laker fans easily out numbered and out … Continue reading