Atlanta Falcons Expecting a Beautiful New $1 Billion Stadium

Arthur Blank, the venerable owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has thoroughly expressed his desire for a new retractable roof stadium as a new home for his franchise. The Georgia Dome, bland as can be, is 20-years-old. In negotiating with the city for a new stadium, he found leverage anywhere he could, including threatening to move the Falcons to LA. Luckily it won’t come to that.

The city of Atlanta, state of Georgia, Georgia World Congress Center & Atlanta Falcons have agreed to build a retractable-roof stadium, with a potential cost of around $1 billion, on the GWCCA campus in time for the 2017 NFL season.

This is great new for the Falcon fans, especially those who don’t live in Atlanta and won’t have to pay for this new stadium (with their tax funds). Ever better news, they’re not planning a cookie cutter Bank of America style stadium. They have some pretty outlandish ideas to incorporate (on top of the retractable roof). This video details some. They include club seats that vibrate during big plays, a lounge for fantasy footballers, and a 100-yard sports bar. It is to be a landmark that people will come from all over to see.

 The Pantheon

Could we see a Chick-fil-A Bowl or a National Championship played in this epic new stadium? I believe so. In fact, I’m confident we’ll see a National Championship played in Atlanta within the next 10-15 years. It is the capital of college football and it just feels right. The college football playoff is already making it appear likely. Atlanta is quickly starting to feel as major as Los Angeles and Chicago. Not just little brother anymore. Good for the Falcons!

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