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Staind – A Review of The Band’s Self-Titled Album

We welcome back Tommy D, who was a founding member of this blog under the url of RyansRantsandTommy’ Two of his marquee posts were reviews of albums by Disturbed and Alter Bridge, so he comes back for another comprehensive album review. Tommy now runs a movie blog which you can visit at Aaron Lewis and the rest of the Massachusetts-based … Continue reading


Fair To Midland – Featured Band

Yes, so perhaps “Band of the Week” has been discontinued, but at least we could still call this “Band of the Indefinite Time Period” if we wanted.  Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase.  I’m just now getting into a band I’ve known about for a while but only based on one song. That band is … Continue reading

Tunes of the Moment

I’m not gonna go into much detail here; the title should serve as a sufficient means to make at least a halfway-decent inference about the subject matter of this post (there was probably a much shorter way of saying that but I was being deliberately verbose for no other purposes than self-amusement). Check out these … Continue reading

NHL’s Time to Shine?

Great post about Kevin Gregg and David Ortiz. Ortiz is such a hypocritical punk. And Gregg might now be my favorite non-Yankee reliever (the fact that he’s on my fantasy team also makes it easier to root for him). Anyway, continuing in the sports realm, how interesting is it that there exists the possibility of … Continue reading

Band of the Week: Digital Summer

My apologies for being a bit late with the newest band of the week (or, more realistically, 7-12 day period).  I know there must be so many annoyed readers out there (….), but this week’s band is definitely worth the wait.  The featured group is a Phoenix-based outfit called Digital Summer.  This band first came … Continue reading

Band of the Week: Eye Empire

Per a previous post of Ryan’s and some comments about the now-defunct band Submersed, this week’s featured band is a supergroup called Eye Empire.  Eye Empire’s lead singer is Donald Carpenter, who was Submersed’s vocalist before they sadly disbanded.  This fact sparked my initial interest in Eye Empire, as I think Carpenter has a truly … Continue reading

Band of the Week: Egypt Central

After discussing a band named after an Egyptian god, we will transition smoothly to a band called Egypt Central.  An alternative metal band from Memphis, Egypt Central consists of vocalist John Falls, guitarist Jeff James, bassist Joey Chicago, and drummer Blake Allison. As far as the style of the band, I would best describe them … Continue reading

Debut Band of the Week: Ra

In an effort to be more active on this blog, I am starting a new trend called “Band of the Week.”  The title is pretty self-explanatory; every week (or more realistically, every 7-12 days), I will post briefly about a certain band and give a short profile as well as some song samples.  I will … Continue reading