Band of the Week: Egypt Central

After discussing a band named after an Egyptian god, we will transition smoothly to a band called Egypt Central.  An alternative metal band from Memphis, Egypt Central consists of vocalist John Falls, guitarist Jeff James, bassist Joey Chicago, and drummer Blake Allison.

As far as the style of the band, I would best describe them as alternative metal/hard rock.  If you like bands like Three Days Grace, Shinedown (especially their early stuff), Trapt, and Breaking Benjamin, then chances are you’ll like Egypt Central.  While many people might not see them as being an especially innovative band, I feel that Falls’ voice and occasional screams add a level of uniqueness to the music, as does the guitar work of Jeff James.  He throws in some nice solos fairly often, and his occasional use of the wah pedal (especially in the beginning of “Over and Under”) makes for a very cool sound.

As of right now, Egypt Central has released only its self-titled debut record, but another one, called White Rabbit, is slated for a May 17 release.  Egypt Central self-released their first album in 2005, and had planned to issue a re-release once signing a new record deal (their previous label, Lava Records, had dropped them just before the 2005 release, prompting the band to release it themselves as a result of overwhelming demand).  After many delays, the band finally found a new label (Fat Lady Music) and re-released the album in 2008, remastered, remixed, and with new artwork.  The first single, “You Make Me Sick”, along with “Over and Under” (my favorite song by them) and “Taking You Down”, are among the most noteworthy titles on the CD.  Links to these songs are below.  I suggest you check out the entire record, and also keep an eye out for their upcoming release in May.

You Make Me Sick

Over and Under

Taking You Down


4 thoughts on “Band of the Week: Egypt Central

  1. What’s up with the Egypt theme? Do the riots and the threat of a terrorist stronghold have you thinking about them or something?
    No, but seriously, this is great stuff! I’m listening to this for the first time, and I’m impressed by your taste and discovery of small bands. Do you have this on iTunes? Why haven’t you shared up to this point? I like this band a lot on first listen.
    Keep it up.

  2. Nice pick with Egypt Central. I agree with Ryan, it is kind of odd that you are doing the Egypt theme in the midst of current events… To quote Sean Connery in “The Hunt for Red October” “A little revolution now and then is a good thing…” (PS: he was paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson)…but I digress…

    Good pick, they’re growing on me, especially their new title track single, “White Rabbit”:
    Why didn’t you post that? Regardless, enjoy.

    • Haha, the Egypt theme was a coincidence at first with Ra. Then I figured talking about Egypt Central would be a nice transition, and I obviously realized the connection with the current upheaval in Egypt. So, mostly coincidental, but with a little thought on the second one.

      I just listened to “White Rabbit”. It was excellent. I didn’t realize it was out already. They must have just released the single, because the CD doesn’t come out until May. If only I had satellite radio…then I would have known.

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