The Coca-Cola Happiness Campaign

While my three and a half years at Clemson were unbelievable, driving into downtown Atlanta for a real nine-to-five is pretty cool too. My internship is at Definition 6, and one of our marquee productions is the “Coca-Cola Happiness Machine.” It came out well before I got here, but it was an online video that Def6 made for Coke, put on YouTube, and helped go viral to the tune of over 3.2 million YouTube views.

Today is especially hectic because this morning at midnight we launched a sequel to the original Happiness Machine video. Our Group Account Director, Stephen Boyd, and some other folks went down to Brazil and shot it a while back. Now the social media gurus and the marketing team (that’s me!) are spreading it through the web on Coke’s behalf. Check it out, the new video is embedded below…

Please leave comments and such.

On another note, Tommy’s last band of the week was stellar. If you haven’t heard of Egypt Central you should read about them in his post here. Well done Tommy, I enjoyed that one a lot.


One thought on “The Coca-Cola Happiness Campaign

  1. Pretty interesting concept…I like how there were no words spoken. It’s pretty awesome that you’re one of the people helping to spread it around.

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