Musical Side Notes on an Illegitimate Holiday

Today is Presidents’  Day and Definition 6 where I’m interning this semester gave everyone the day off. What a ridiculous federal Holiday, but it does give me the opportunity to share some great music that even Tommy can enjoy.

First off all, I checked out Tommy’s band of the week, Ra, and was impressed. I was expecting something a little more…screamo.

I have two songs I want to share with you. It’s an injustice that neither Tommy nor I have so much as mentioned this band. They were the object of both of our musical obsessions about a year ago and this is one of best live performances I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Enjoy Hollow by Submersed.

I hope/assume you liked Submersed. Sadly enough they are defunct. Lead singer Donald Carpenter did some work with another band called Thousand Man Army, but it just wasn’t the same.

I’ll give you one more song to listen to. This particular song is a more recent revelation of mine. The intro is especially good and I am a big fan of the lyrics. It’s Rebirthing by Skillet.

Thanks for reading/listening and be on the look out for a marketing related post from me and a new Band of the week from Tommy very soon. There’s some big stuff happening at Definition 6 and Tommy told me he has a great “Band of the Week” up his sleeve and he won’t tell me who they are until he writes his post.

Finally, I leave you with this. Here’s a blog about quotation marks and the stupid people who “use” them ‘incorrectly’ and unnecessarily. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. Very funny stuff, enjoy!


One thought on “Musical Side Notes on an Illegitimate Holiday

  1. Glad you like Ra. Btw, the majority of the music I listen to does not feature heavy screaming, so I’d recommend not making assumptions based on nothing.

    As for Submersed, yes, they are awesome. My favorite songs include Hollow, Divide The Hate, In Due Time, Dripping, Flicker, Better Think Again, and Rewind. Just remember who exposed you to them. It is a true shame that they are now defunct, but Donald Carpenter is in a new band called Eye Empire. They issued a limited release of their first album in late 2010, and will re-distribute it more widely sometime this year. They sound pretty cool; I really like a song by them called More Than Fate. They sound like potential band of the week material…but not just yet.

    Skillet is pretty good. I love heavy music, but I am also a sucker for strings and keyboards incorporated into hard rock.

    Stay tuned for a new band of the week.

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