NHL’s Time to Shine?

Great post about Kevin Gregg and David Ortiz. Ortiz is such a hypocritical punk. And Gregg might now be my favorite non-Yankee reliever (the fact that he’s on my fantasy team also makes it easier to root for him).

Anyway, continuing in the sports realm, how interesting is it that there exists the possibility of not only no NFL season, but also no NBA season? I would imagine that losing one — let alone both — of these seasons would be a huge bummer for a large chunk of America. However, as much as I like sports, I’m not sure I’d be too sad.

First of all, the NBA doesn’t do much for me anymore. It’s become such an egotistical game, where players’ images seem to take precedence over the fact that basketball really can be a great team game. College basketball absolutely destroys the NBA in this regard. When you add the fact that my Lakers might be on a downward trend, I realize how minute my interest is at this point.

I would be a little more disappointed if there was no NFL season, but the main loss for me would be the lack of fantasy football. My autumn Sundays would be less interesting, but it wouldn’t be hard for me to survive. And my Packers would be defending champs for another year.

The main reason, however, that I wouldn’t be too bummed about losing these seasons, has to do with the fact that I am an absurdly passionate hockey fan. With the potential absence of the NBA and NFL, maybe hockey will finally get to take center-stage. It’s a hugely under-appreciated sport that combines speed, skill, precision, toughness, and teamwork. Oh, and it’s all on ice.

I wonder what ESPN will do without NBA games to show and without Monday Night Football. What will become of the 68% chunk of SportsCenter that is devoted to the NFL? We can only hope hockey gets more coverage. Of course, it would help if ESPN televised NHL games, but nevertheless, more analysis would be nice. Maybe all those American sports fans without Versus will become subscribers to different TV packages when they see how empty their fall and winter days are.

Is it wrong to wish for no NBA or NFL seasons? Maybe a little, but it is only borne out of a positive emotion — love for hockey. Plus, I am not truly hoping for cancellations of the NBA and NFL seasons; I am just pointing out that this will not be all that bad, and that the best sport in the world — which already suffered through a lockout not long ago — will still be happening.


One thought on “NHL’s Time to Shine?

  1. Well the 68% chunk of sports center would go to analyze the lockout lol. It appears the deal with the NFL will be done sometime in the next 10 days, we will only miss the Hall of Fame Game, that I’m certain 90% of football fans don’t know actually exists. As for the NBA, they are stupid enough to let it happen, which would be a big boost for hockey, most sports fans are tired of talking about practice anyways.

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