Kevin Gregg, An American Hero

Dear Mr. Gregg,

Thank you! Thank you for standing up to a man that took steroids and charmed the media into overlooking his transgression. Thank you for standing up for the game of baseball, and calling out a DH who doesn’t have the energy to run out a fly ball after chilling in the dugout while his teammates are on the field. May everyone run out every fly ball.

As baseball fans, we are filled with gratitude.


Baseball Fans Everyone except New England


Whew, that felt good. If you missed it, Kevin Gregg threw a few inside pitches to David Ortiz in the 8th inning of a 10-3 ballgame in Fenway. After Ortiz popped up a 3-0 pitch, he began lollygagging his way towards first base, which prompted Kevin Gregg to “encourage” him to pick up the pace. Ortiz responded by charging the mound and attacking Gregg. Video below…

The most annoying part of this whole debacle is the media’s infatuation with David Ortiz. He still has two commercials running on ESPN. The one with Jorge Posada and the one where he tries to get Yankee fans in NYC to give him a big ol’ bear hug. The guy took steroids! The guy wouldn’t be in the game without them. He was a below average player for the Twins before he came to Boston, made a connection with Manny Ramirez and started a steroid regimen. We’ve established this. The guy is a DH. A one-way player. most people don’t even like the DH. He has had rants against umpires claiming they don’t even try. Now we can add attacking another ball player to the list. I just don’t understand why the media chose to put David Ortiz up on a pedestal. When will the love fest end?

I’ll admit I’m biased as a die-hard Yankees fan, but Ortiz isn’t my least favorite of the Red Sox. The man in the video below is the worst.


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