The King’s Speech: A film fit for an ordinary citizen

Amidst my depressingly large amount of work for UGA’s MMR program, I am happy to have a little time here to post about a movie I saw recently (before the onslaught of schoolwork).

After hearing about how great The King’s Speech was, and seeing all of the Oscars it won (most notably Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth), I figured I had to see it, so I rented it through Netflix. I ended up being pretty unimpressed overall. While the movie was by no means terrible, the fact that it fell so short of my expectations inspired me to write this review (my first one) on the Netflix site:

I really wanted to love this movie, especially after all of the acclaim it received and the positive words I heard from friends and family. However, when I watched it, I was quite underwhelmed. It is certainly a very well-acted film, and Colin Firth deserved his Oscar. Geoffrey Rush was great as well, but the overall progression of the story was slow. I was waiting for it to become more climactic and emotionally-moving, but it never really did for me. It was a decent movie, but in my opinion, quite unworthy of all the praise it received, most notably its Best Picture Oscar.


2 thoughts on “The King’s Speech: A film fit for an ordinary citizen

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