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Super Bowl XLV Prediction

Granted, since I’m a Packers fan, I have to go with my team here.  Oops, was that a spoiler?  Oh well…read this anyway. Of course Darrelle Revis picked the Steelers to win.  They beat his Jets, so he wants to be able to say his team lost to the eventual champs.  Cool guy or not, … Continue reading

Tommy’s Back!!!

Hey everyone, I’m just writing to let you know that Tommy is still a contributor to this blog, despite my conspicuous absence. Like Ryan said, I’ve been busy beasting the GMAT, jamming on the guitar, and just chilling. But it’s time for me to come back. First off, to reference Ryan’s last post, I don’t … Continue reading

Album Review: Alter Bridge – AB III

Three years after their explosive release of Blackbird, a time period which saw a Creed reunion and lead singer Myles Kennedy performing vocals for Slash, the hard rock and alternative metal band Alter Bridge finally got back into the studio. The resulting product was AB III, a loose concept album that displays some new elements … Continue reading

I am so tired of the NYY payroll discussion

Granted, the fact that I’m a Yankees fan certainly influences this feeling, but let’s think about this reasonably. People are always talking about how much money the Yankees spend,  and complaining about it. First of all, they don’t break any rules and they have resources that they choose to use (how dare they?!). They are … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Doesn’t Deserve a Good Baseball Team

Following the Tampa Bay Rays’ 4-0 loss at home to the Baltimore Orioles – a game where the Rays could have clinched a playoff spot (UPDATE – The Rays clinched a playoff spot tonight, 9/28, with a 5-0 win over Baltimore) – Evan Longoria expressed what he justifiably feels. Longoria, along with teammate David Price, … Continue reading

Album Review: Disturbed – “Asylum”

On August 31, edgy hard rock/metal band Disturbed released their fifth studio album, Asylum. Disturbed’s identifying qualities are again evident on this album; in fact, they showcase their abilities with good variation, making this one of their more mature releases. Some of the songs have that typical, rough sound with guitarist Dan Donegan’s chunky riffs, … Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Chris

We will have another guest blogger on the site very soon, as Chris Dianora, the brother of Tommy (that’s me!) will contribute to the music category. Stay tuned (pun intended)!

A Good NHL Change

In a recent post I discussed how I don’t want to see the NHL keep changing its rules and thus veer away from the game hard-core hockey fans have come to know and love. However, some changes can be good, especially when they partially rectify past changes that weren’t so good. The league has taken … Continue reading

The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever

Being the musical geeks that we are, my brother and I recently started discussing what we consider to be the greatest guitar solos of all time. Of course, the solos of Free Bird, Stairway to Heaven, Eruption, Crossroads (Eric Clapton), Highway Star, Mr. Crowley, and Comfortably Numb were in the discussion. But there was one … Continue reading

Clemens: Who Cares?

OK, maybe most of America will be totally absorbed by the news that Roger Clemens has been indicted on federal perjury charges stemming from 2008, when he lied about using PEDs. But I honestly could not care less about this. There is not a less interesting story going on in the world right now, so … Continue reading