Super Bowl XLV Prediction

Granted, since I’m a Packers fan, I have to go with my team here.  Oops, was that a spoiler?  Oh well…read this anyway.

Of course Darrelle Revis picked the Steelers to win.  They beat his Jets, so he wants to be able to say his team lost to the eventual champs.  Cool guy or not, that was a very typical and predictable thing for him to say.  Not that my pick isn’t predictable.  But rest assured — I’m a cool guy.

Rodgers has quickly become one of the best QBs in the game, and is one game away from a Super Bowl title in just his third season as a starter.

The Packers, last time I checked, were slight favorites in this game.  That actually surprises me.  I figure since the Steelers are a #2 seed (though the Packers are one of the best #6 seeds ever), and since they have been there before and always seem to come through in the clutch, they would be the marginal favorite.  However you look at it though, I think this game will prove to be the culmination of Aaron Rodgers’ emergence as an elite NFL quarterback.

I don’t see Rodgers performing like he did against the Falcons; that was an unreal display, and it was against a weaker defense than that of Pittsburgh.  Still though, I think Rodgers and the offense will be very solid, and the D will do enough for the Pack to squeak by.  This will be a nail-biter to the end.

I see more offense than people would expect with the NFL’s top two defenses.  Last year’s 37-36 shootout  in Steel-town (a heartbreaking loss for my Pack) certainly influences this thought of mine.  Both defenses are better now than they were then, but expect to see a fair amount of points.

That being said, here’s the prediction:

Packers 27, Steelers 23

Pittsburgh will hold a 23-20 lead early in the fourth quarter before Rodgers will lead Green Bay on a go-ahead drive, giving them a 27-23 lead with about 7 minutes left.  The defense will then hold and force the Steelers to punt with just under 5 minutes to go.  The Pack will have a chance to end the game with a couple of first downs, but they’ll go three-and-out just to make me nervous.  Pittsburgh will get to about the 20-yard line with just under a minute remaining.  Big Ben will then throw one to the end zone, and who else — Tramon Williams — will come up with an interception to clinch the title for Green Bay, thus giving the Lombardi trophy to its rightful owner.



3 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLV Prediction

  1. Awesome post!
    My pick is 24-24 Pittsburgh.
    Crezden Butler from our Mgt class with Casey is on the Steelers.
    As much as I may tease you for your man love of Aaron Rodgers, I think he’s the best QB in the NFC.

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