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Amaryllis by Shinedown – Album Review

Two months ago I previewed the release of Shinedown’s first studio album since their 2008 release of The Sound of Madness. More than three years after its release, Amaryllis is here and while some of their oldest fans may be disappointed in the band’s evolution, I welcome it. Below is song-by-song breakdown and an overall score for the album. … Continue reading

Shinedown Set To Release New Rock Album, Amaryllis

“Shinedown has announced the upcoming release of their much anticipated new album. Entitled ‘Amaryllis,’ the record will arrive in stores and at all digital retailers on March 27.” Music snobs often lump Shinedown in with the mash of other similar bands like Three Doors Down and Puddle of Mud. With their new album Shinedown plans to break … Continue reading

People and Things by Jack’s Mannequin – Album Review

Jack’s Mannequin released their third studio album on October 4th, 2011. Titled People and Things, the band’s third album follows Everything in Transit, and The Glass Passenger, which peaked at number eight on the Billboard 200. Lead singer Andrew McMahon explains the album: “I consider ‘People and Things’ a relationship record. My goal with many … Continue reading

Album Art Ain’t Dead Yet

Music itself is often art, so it only makes sense to couple it with beautiful visual art on the album covers. Digital music is great because it has filled out computer libraries with many more songs than we’ve ever had before, but as digital music has grown and cut into physical album sales, the prominence … Continue reading

Masterpieces In Modern Music

After someone tried to convince me this (solid song) was a modern musical masterpiece, it made me think, what songs would I call masterpieces? Of course, the cliche nine minute long ballads would get the attention, and sometimes deservingly so, but whate songs do I find most beautifully written and performed. Check out my short … Continue reading

Staind – A Review of The Band’s Self-Titled Album

We welcome back Tommy D, who was a founding member of this blog under the url of RyansRantsandTommy’ Two of his marquee posts were reviews of albums by Disturbed and Alter Bridge, so he comes back for another comprehensive album review. Tommy now runs a movie blog which you can visit at Aaron Lewis and the rest of the Massachusetts-based … Continue reading

The Greatest Band of the Last 20 Years?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set release their tenth studio album this coming Tuesday, 17 years after their first album hit shelves back in 1984. To build hype, they’ve already made it available to stream on iTunes so you can listen, but not yet purchase. I’ll be sure to post an album review in … Continue reading

Rob Schwartzman of Rooney With An Update

Rooney is one of my favorite bands, but after listening to their most recent album, Eureka, to excess I put them on the shelf of a while. Recently two things have made me pop in the Rooney CD on the drive to class. 1) Album Art: their last album, Eureka, had some pretty impressive album … Continue reading