Shinedown Set To Release New Rock Album, Amaryllis

“Shinedown has announced the upcoming release of their much anticipated new album. Entitled ‘Amaryllis,’ the record will arrive in stores and at all digital retailers on March 27.”

Music snobs often lump Shinedown in with the mash of other similar bands like Three Doors Down and Puddle of Mud. With their new album Shinedown plans to break through the clutter and demonstrate their continued growth. Brent Smith explains:

“I’ve always seen Shinedown as its own entity – this living thing that’s been growing and developing and evolving over the past 10 years. During the recording, the vision of what Shinedown is and where it’s going became completely clear. ‘Amaryllis’ is the manifestation of that vision, the centerpiece of what Shinedown is. It reflects on everything we’ve done and where we’re heading.”

The band has released the album’s first single, “Bully.” Below is the video–one of the very best lyric videos I’ve ever seen. The song itself though may leave fans of Shinedown’s early more unrefined, raw sound concerned about what the new album may hold. I expect a continued evolution of their sound, and I think that’s good as it shows artistic growth. “Amaryllis” is set to be released in about two months, and it’s one I’m looking forward to.

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2 thoughts on “Shinedown Set To Release New Rock Album, Amaryllis

  1. Concerned isn’t the right word. I still like Shinedown a lot, but just not like I used to. It’s a combination of my personal tastes changing to more dynamic music and the fact that they simply aren’t as unique as they used to be. I still love their old stuff, and most of the newer stuff is solid. They’re just becoming too much like other bands. The one thing that sets them apart though is Brent’s voice. Man, that guy can belt it, and as long as they have him, they’ll never be bad.

    Having said all this, I’m sure I’ll still buy the album.

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