Album Art Ain’t Dead Yet

Music itself is often art, so it only makes sense to couple it with beautiful visual art on the album covers. Digital music is great because it has filled out computer libraries with many more songs than we’ve ever had before, but as digital music has grown and cut into physical album sales, the prominence of album art has faded…but it ain’t dead yet.

Here are 30 beautiful album covers, and below are some of my favorites that you won’t find at the link provided.

While everyone likes to make fun of Creed, their 1999 album Human Clay, used some interesting imagery with a human made from clay bursting from the ground, likely symbolizing how we are molded like clay, and possibly alluding to Adam of Adam and Eve who was formed from the "dust of the earth."

Rooney's self-produced 2010 album, Eureka, with it's bold colors and Californian imagery, is one of my favorite albums,

Shinedown's Sound of Madness album cover captures the "dark" nature of their music. What makes this cover so memorable is that the crows form a face, with the top two crows making the eyes.

Do you have any favorites? Please share in the comments below.

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