SEC to Vote on Conference Wide Substance Abuse Policy

Baby steps people, baby steps.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe NCAA football has a serious problem with steroid and drug use. One cause for this problem is the lack of standardized testing and discipline. Allowing individual teams to determine punishment for their own players who fail drug tests is like allowing Ron Artest (Metta World Peace) to pick out the size of his fine after throwing an elbow.

The SEC will vote tomorrow (Friday, May 31st) on whether or not to pass standardized disciplinary rules across the conference for players violating the substance abuse policy. After the fiasco at Auburn and Alabama players reportedly using banned substances shortly before winning the 2011 National Championship Game this is sorely needed, but to be sure, it is a baby step.

This is good news, hopefully it passes tomorrow and more progress follows.


The presidents, athletic directors and coaches of Southeastern Conference schools have discussed the possibility of the conference implementing a conference-wide substance-abuse policy, Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said Wednesday.

If the presidents bring it to a vote and pass it on Friday, the SEC would become the nation’s first conference with a conference-mandated substance-abuse policy for its athletes.

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