Auburn Engulfed in Horrible News

You can’t always believe what you read on the internet, but this scandal story by Selena Roberts has legs… and a lot of moving parts. Auburn is completely engulfed in horrible news about their football program and the university at large.

The Auburn Tigers are one of Clemson’s prime competitors on the recruiting trail. I’d go as far as to say they are our biggest competition for top recruits. (What do you think? Post in the comments below.) I grew up in Atlanta and attended three Clemson vs. Auburn games. I’ve met dozens of Auburn fans over the years, and have the highest opinion possible of that fan base. It almost makes me sympathetic to the plight their university may face. Almost.

Let’s start with this:

A six-month investigation by ESPN The Magazine and “E:60” into the spread of synthetic marijuana at Auburn reveals that a dozen students on the football team, including its star running back, Michael Dyer, failed tests for the designer drug. The investigation also found that because the school did not implement testing for the drug until after it won the national championship in January 2011, as many as a dozen other seniors who used synthetic marijuana were never caught.


2 thoughts on “Auburn Engulfed in Horrible News

  1. The players themselves are ultimately responsible for their actions, but the coaching staff and other higher officials at the respective schools can bear some responsibility, too, by looking the other way when they should be getting involved immediately to stop undesirable behavior.

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