Clemson to Host Tar Heels in 2014, New Coastal Opponent Each Season

According to, Clemson will play host to the North Carolina Tar Heels in 2014, dropping UVA after a trip to Charlottesville this season.

In the past, the ACC has always played home-and-roads with opponents from the opposite division. The “crossover rival” remained constant every year with two other crossover games that featured same team two years in a row. In the expanded version of the ACC the “crossover rival” will remain, but there will only be one other crossover match and now they have decided that it will offer a new opponent each season. Clemson’s upcoming opponents from the Coastal Division are below.

2014: UNC
2015: @Miami
2016: Pittsburgh
2017: @VT
2018: Duke
2019: @UNC
2020: Virginia
2021: @Pittsburgh
2022: Miami
2023: @Duke
2024: VT

With only two total crossover games against the opposing division, this new arrangement makes sense and spices up the schedule. The SEC is still deciding between a horrid 9-game schedule, eliminating crossover rivalries, continuing home-and-roads with crossover opponents, or making a similar move.

Well done Swofford (nobody has ever said that before). Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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