Twitter, a Vehicle For Panel Sourcing?

Young UGA grad and internet entreprenuer, Adam Wexler, is currently testing the viability of sourcing panel members via Twitter for marketing research.

He is working with Communispace, a research firm centered around (you guessed it) online communities to build a panel of male beer drinkers between 21-39, who especially like Mexican beers. By browsing through the follower lists of the beer companies’ Twitter acounts and doing simple Twitter searches for relevant keywords, he believes that Twitter can be effectively used to find a diverse group of people that share a single common interest.

It’ll be interesting to learn how large and diverse of a community can be build on Twitter, and how viable it is as a means of non-probability sampling. When the project is over I’ll work to get an update and put it in the comments section.

If you think you may be a good fit for the panel, click here to see if you pass the screener. If you do, please do me a favor by putting your Twitter handle in the comments section below. The panel of course is paid, and will stop accepting new members sometime before the end of the month (September).


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