Web Design: I Built That Thing

Ok, so I didn’t really build it, but I did help. I didn’t code it, but I did a lot of non-coding content insertion (video, images, text) and coordination. Anyway I did a lot of worthwhile work on it and now we–Definition 6–finally launched our new website which can be seen at www.definition6.com.

What do you think? Pretty cool, right?

It was one of my big projects during my internship at Definition 6 which will wrap up two weeks after my graduation from Clemson. Towards the end of my stay at Def 6–as it is endearingly referred to internally– I’ve got worked on some more serious projects. One will launch shortly after I leave so I can’t discuss quite yet, but I got to play a major role in project management. I’ll have it all nicely typed up in paragraph format on my LinkedIn at some point.

Def 6 is a fascinating company with a lot of very knowledgeable people. I need to give a shout out to my boss Chris Thornton (@CMORocks) who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Definition 6 and has been a pleasure to work for. I’d love to join his team full time, but I can’t turn down a full ride to UGA’s Master of Marketing Research program so I’m off to Athens, GA in June.

Also a shout out to two co-workers I really enjoyed working with that you should be following on Twitter: Tom Kirszenstein and Rachel Conforti, and of course, what to often goes overlooked, the entrepreneur who stepped out on a limb and created an amazing work environment (AJC top 30 place to work in Atlanta), Michael Kogon.

Screenshot of New Definition 6 website, the unified marketing agency Ryan Kantor interned at in the Spring of 2011Check out the new Definition6.com.


One thought on “Web Design: I Built That Thing

  1. Also need to mention Paul Hernacki (www.twitter.com/phernacki) who is one of the more fun people are the office.

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