Jim Dolan Isn’t Too Bright

I really haven’t gone off on one of my promised tirades thus far, but I think it’s time to finally change that.

We have Madison Square Garden and Cablevision chairman (and thus, the owner of the New York Knicks and New York Rangers) Jim Dolan to thank for setting me off. Last week, news surfaced that the Knicks would inexplicably bring Isiah Thomas back into the organization as a consultant. While I’m not a Knicks fan, I do like them to an extent, and this news almost made me pass out. After years and years of enduring embarrassment with Isiah Thomas as GM (and, for a time, head coach) – a horrible W/L record, revolving doors for players, Stephon Marbury’s antics, the drafting of Renaldo Balkman 20th overall in 2006, Thomas’ whole sexual harassment issue, and much more that would probably take me until next year to finish recapping – how could anyone possibly bring back this moron in any capacity? Even current Knicks GM Donnie Walsh almost resigned when he learned of this utter insanity. I don’t care if Thomas is just a consultant; the Knicks need to rid themselves of any affiliations with this guy once and for all.

This brilliant idea of course came from none other than the genius himself, Jim Dolan. Luckily for the Knicks, the NBA bylaws got them off the hook, as it turns out that Thomas – who also coaches at Florida International University – would be breaking the rules by performing both jobs. NBA personnel cannot have contact with players who are not yet draft-eligible. As an aside, how shocking is it that both Dolan and Thomas were prepared to go ahead with this because of their initial lack of knowledge of this rule? They amaze us yet again with their incredible intelligence. In the words of Jim Rome (or, more accurately, Frank Caliendo’s awesome impression of him), “RI—DICULOUS!”

Now the Knicks again have the opportunity to move past this and completely sever themselves from any association with Isiah the Idiot. But that would be the smart thing to do! We have this wonderful nugget from Dolan:

“Although I’m disappointed that Isiah will not be working with the Knicks as a consultant, I continue to believe in his basketball knowledge, including his ability to judge talent. He’s a good friend of mine and of the organization and I will continue to solicit his views. He will always have strong ties to me and the team. We wish him continued success at FIU.”

I’m sorry, WHAT?! You will “continue to solicit (the) views” that did nothing except make your team the punchline of  almost every NBA joke in recent years? You will let an insidious disease like this guy “have strong ties to (you) and the team”?! Unreal. The title of my post puts it kindly.

This is pissing me off and I’m not even a Knicks fan. Knowing that Dolan is also the owner of my favorite sports team, the NY Rangers, really makes me cringe. It’s no wonder Glen Sather has been the NYR GM for ten years and has a whopping two playoff series victories to show for it.

It’s so sad to say, but as long as Jim Dolan is in control of the Knicks and Rangers, those teams will have a lot of trouble being successful. Their fans really deserve better, but what does Dolan care (or, for that matter, what does he KNOW?)?


5 thoughts on “Jim Dolan Isn’t Too Bright

  1. Continued success at FIU? They were 7-25 their first year under Thomas. Good to see that Dolan views that as a success.
    I’ll tweet this out to my followers.

  2. Anyone that drafts a South Carolina College athlete from basketball or football in the first round should be fired on the spot.

  3. Couldn’t agree more, Chris. Like I said, I could have gone on forever about the failings of Isiah the Idiot.

  4. I remember watching in wonder as Isiah was interviewed regarding the Knicks….the way he avoided looking at the camera, staring off, unfocused, into space while channeling his best Michael Jackson baby-like voice. Was he for real? Sadly, yes. Best to keep him as far away as possible from NY sports. Tangent: what’s up with the spelling of his name? I mean, was his mom BFFs with the moms of, say, Anfernee Hardaway and Dwyane Wade? Torii Hunter anyone? Class?

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