Inception Review (Not a Spoiler)

Yesterday was move-in day at Clemson. I’m finally back “where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness,”  and it is very good to be back. Luckily, I saw Inception right before the summer ended.

Easily the movie of the summer, and probably the best movie in a couple of years, Inception came out on July 16, 2010 and has been boggling minds ever since.

A Matrix-esque film, Inception was directed by Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight) and features actor Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Ellen Page. Now I won’t spoil the movie for you, but let me share just a little.

This is a movie that will make you think, not just another thoughtless shooter. That said, there is more than enough fighting and shooting to keep moviegoers entertained. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb, a thief that steals ideas instead of tangible objects. After things go wrong, Cobb fights for redemption by attempting inception–the sowing of an idea in someone else’s mind.

It’s a great film, and one of the few movies I’ve seen where at the end everyone just stayed in your seat for a few seconds to let it all sink in. Tommy would lambaste me if I didn’t also mention the great music that was rather obvious and pronounced in making the movie even more epic.

I highly recommend you run to the theater while it is still playing.


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