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Bureaucracy In Large Corporations: Does Working for Goliath Suck?

One of my big projects as the marketing agency’s intern has been to renew our partnership with Microsoft. I’ve come to learn that Microsoft has a pretty beneficial program where, to put it simply, they give free software in exchange for using and getting clients to use their products in creating business solutions. There’s a … Continue reading


The Coca-Cola Happiness Campaign

While my three and a half years at Clemson were unbelievable, driving into downtown Atlanta for a real nine-to-five is pretty cool too. My internship is at Definition 6, and one of our marquee productions is the “Coca-Cola Happiness Machine.” It came out well before I got here, but it was an online video that … Continue reading

When Marketers Get Bored

Remember, I’m a marketing major at Clemson, so this isn’t totally random. Lately we’ve seen a plethora of logo redesigns from major national brands. Tropicana, GAP, PUR, Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Caribou Coffee, Holiday Inn, and the YMCA have all created new logos recently. Unfortunately, Tropicana and GAP’s new logos were so poorly received that the … Continue reading