New York Yankees: 2013-2014 Offseason Preview on Reading Between the Seams

Just as fans of major football programs love to follow recruiting, fans of big dollar baseball teams love the Hot Stove season. Luckily I fall in both categories. Now that the regular season is officially over, the Hot Stove season begins for two-thirds of the teams. With that, I, in concert with the other writers at Reading Between the Seams, have answered the most pressing questions that face the New York Yankees this offseason. Spoiler: I might advise Braves fans to enjoy Brian McCann a little extra this postseason (and please don’t even consider booing him in the years to come).

Click here to view the Reading Between the Seams
2013-14 NY Yankees Offseason Preview

Here are the questions we answer:

How far do they go to re-sign Robinson Cano?

Will Joe Girardi be back?

Who takes over for the greatest closer ever?

Is Brian McCann an option at catcher?

What will happen to Alex Rodriguez?

What’s the plan at 3B then? What about shortstop? Can Jeter be counted upon?

Is Curtis Granderson done in New York?

How will Cashman to fix the rotation that loses Pettitte to retirement, Sabathia from ace status and possibly Hughes and Kuroda to free agency?

Click here to view the Reading Between the Seams
2013-14 NY Yankees Offseason Preview

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