Current College Football Player to Write for

In a fairly exciting development, an old college friend and current college football player offered to contribute to the blog. I quickly took him up on the offer. I expect he’ll bring a unique perspective. A brief bio is below. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll want to peruse quickly. His first article on why South Carolina won’t win the SEC East will be out shortly.

Hey there readers, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Brett Banfield and I am a former football coach and current player (I know I did that in the reverse of the normal pattern) that Ryan has invited to contribute to the blog.

So, a little bit about myself and what I will cover for this blog. First off, I am a Florida Gator. My parents went to UF, my sister went to UF, my best friend played at UF, and I have two degrees from UF. That being said, I am more critical of them than most people with a bias, so don’t expect me to tell you how we have the greatest team of all-time every post. I mention my bias, one so that you can hold me accountable if for some reason I give them the benefit of the doubt for losing to Toledo this weekend, and two to demonstrate that while I am very well versed in football, I am still a fan and welcome debate on my opinions.

With that in mind, I am schooled in the sport and made a living on it for the past several years, therefore most of what I will write about will be grounded in the film I watch as well as the overall X’s and O’s. I will also write about my upcoming experiences this season. I will be going overseas to play football again as a long snapper and H-Back. Don’t think this will keep me from being up to date on college football, I made sure I can DVR the night games that will air at 2:00 am my time and will watch all others during the day Saturday, as I play on Sundays over there.

I am looking forward to regularly contributing and having some fun talking football with you all this season. Only a few more hours left till the greatest time of the year begins!

Get Ready,



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