2013 MLB Division Champion Predictions

Each of the last few years I’ve offered my predictions of which clubs will become the eventual division champions. I haven’t been that accurate.

This year, I decided take a more in-depth approach. Below you’ll see my selections for each division’s champion along with a predicted Wild Card matchup for each league. My fellow writers at Reading Between The Seams, a Yardbarker site, and I have written full in-depth previews of each division complete with expected line-ups and rotation (links below). This is the year I get it all right.

I’ve typically just posted my picks to my fantasy baseball league message boards and had everyone similarly post their own in the thread, but this seems so much more official. You can leave your picks in the comments below and we’ll see where we stand in seven months. 

American League

East: Toronto Blue Jays (My Full Preview)

Central: Chicago White Sox (Full Preview by Greg Miller)

West: Los Angeles Angels (My Full Preview)

Wild Card Matchup: New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers

National League

East: Atlanta Braves (My Full Preview)

Central: Cincinnati Reds (Full Preview by Greg Miller)

West: Los Angeles Dodgers (Full Preview by Gavin Tremblay)

Wild Card Matchup: Washington Nationals vs. San Francisco Giants

The toughest picks for me were who would win the NL East and which team between St. Louis, San Francisco, and the NL East runner-up would miss the playoffs all together. I feel somewhat confident in picking the Blue Jays to win their division now that Granderson is out for all of April with a broken forearm, but really struggled with the American League Central and who would get left out between the AL Central runner-up, New York, and Texas. I think my gutsiest picks were selecting the Orioles, a 2012 playoff team that didn’t lose much over the offseason to finish in 5th (see full preview) as well as leaving the AL Champion Tigers out of the postseason.

Who am I unjustifiably leaving out of the playoff picture? Please use the comments section to submit your own picks. Let the banter begin.

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7 thoughts on “2013 MLB Division Champion Predictions

  1. My predictions are as followed:
    AL east Yankees
    AL central Detroit
    AL west Angels
    AL wild card match up Tampa vs Boston

    NL east Washington
    NL central Cincy
    NL west Dodgers
    NL wild card match up Atlanta vs Giants

    I’ll go a bit further:
    Detroit v Dodgers World Series, Dodgers in 6

  2. Steven, thanks for commenting. Solid picks. I like Tampa and Boston this year, but had a hard time putting more than two AL East teams in and I think the Blue Jays rotation is going to make them excellent as long as the bullpen holds up.

    Dodgers/Jays/Angels have gotta be World Series favorites.

    • I know it is hard to put 3 teams from the AL east in the playoffs but for some reason i think Toronto will bust… if not one of the other AL east teams i could see the white sox getting in via wild card. We will see what Dickey does in the AL and if JJ can stay healthy.

  3. Brendan Gibson’s picks:

    AL East: Tampa
    AL Central: Detroit
    AL West: Los Angeles
    Wild Card: Boston over Oakland lol

    NL East: Atlanta
    NL Central: Cincinnati
    NL West: San Francisco
    Wild Card 1: Washington over St. Louis lol

    Spencer Farmery’s Picks:

    east- NYY
    wildcard- TX over TB

    east- Washington
    wildcard- SF over ATL
    sleeper- Phillies

  4. Jake Wood’s picks:


    East- Nats
    Central- Reds
    West- Dodgers
    Wild Card- Giants over Braves


    East- Yankees
    Central- Tigers
    West- Angels
    Wild Card- Rays over Rangers

    World Series: Angels over Dodgers

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