New Features: Reccomended Reading and Book of the Month

If you’ve been on the site lately you may have noticed that I’ve changed up the look of the right sidebars. I’ve removed the tag cloud (let me know if anyone cares) and replaced it with Amazon links to “Recommended Reading” and “Book of the Month.”

The Recommended Reading is a book by my very own father that I would like to help him promote and the Book of The Month, as the name implies, will rotate monthly. This month, it is comedic, political, Kindle-only book called Hip To Be Square: Why It’s Cool To Be a Conservative, by Harvard graduate A.J. Delgado. Hopefully this new feature will force me to keep up on my reading although I also plan to feature interesting sports memorabilia and such. In general I wanted to help out my dad’s book, force myself to stay up on my reading, and bring some level of advertising (Google Ads don’t work on sites) to the site for a professional feel. For full disclosure  I get some piddly amount in commission. I believe for each $100 people buy off my links I get $4 minus taxes. So here are this month’s features:


Dr. Keith Kantor shares stories of his childhood and adult years that demonstrate values born out of necessity. With his most recent Doctorate of Science in Naturopathic Medicine he transitions into how all this forms his view on our healthcare system and how we can fix it. His Blue Ribbon Panel report is appended.

February's Book of The Month Comes From @MissADelgado.

February’s book of the month comes from Harvard Graduate, Ms. A.J. Delgado. In it she explains why it’s cool to be a conservative and why it’s the true ideology of rebels and punk rockers. Only available on Kindle.

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