ESPNU Showcasing Softball Instead of National Signing Day? Clemson Manages Another Top 15 Recruiting Class

Wednesday, January 6th was college football’s National Signing Day. Practically a national holiday, signing day can be as exciting as Christmas morning for college football fans. After all it’s the day we find out who they will be watching for the next four years. So, as soon as morning struck I jumped onto, but rather than in-depth coverage of the industry’s big topic for the day I find this:


Nothing against softball, but give me a break. After all I have to hear about how the SEC invented football you don’t even offer the decency of a good recruiting day primer? God knows they had ESPNU microphones at every announcement. It seems like ESPN and ESPN2 generate so much revenue that they have been able to make this smaller niche network just to cover “non-revenue” sports for the express purpose of making themselves feel really good about themselves. “Look at us. We make these athletes feel so good even when nobody else goes to their games.” Give me a break! Also, notice to peculiar headline. Are they poking fun at her weight there? If so, GUTLESS! C’mon ESPNU!

Anyway, while on the topic, it seems like Clemson pulled in quite the recruiting class by the end of the day. With National Title aspirations it’s hard not to compare the Tigers’ class to Alabama, Notre Dame, and the like and forget the consistency and depth Coach Swinney has brought to the program. I believe this the first time… ever?… that we’ve turned in back-to-back-to-back top 15 recruiting classes (Can someone confirm?). Carl Lawson and Montravius Adams both chosing Auburn over Clemson stung, but we already had some top-notch recruits on the defensive-line (Shaq Lawson, Ebenezer Okendeko) and added Scott Pagano from Hawaii and Dana Rogers, a fellow North Carolinian to the mix (wonder if he’s excited about our tax changes too… probably not). It really wasn’t until late in the day that the class came together though.

Clemson getting an LOI from ESPN’s #4 player and #2 cornerback, Mackensie Alexander, salvaged the class for me. No doubt it was packed with quality players before his signing, but it needed a gem and Alexander provides just that. It sounds like he’ll be able to come in and make an impact immediately.

In last announcement of the day for the Tigers, Clemson signed Tyrone Crowder, a premier offensive lineman, putting this class over-the-top. Clemson fans are always complaining about recruiting and talent on the O-line and it was my biggest concern heading into 2012. I’m glad we were able to find some “SEC-caliber” talent to put in the trenches. Finally, I’d be remiss to not mention linebacker Ben Boulware (ESPN #78) merely because he committed early. We appreciate that and I think he’ll become a fan favorite. This class has 15 ESPN four-star recruits. I can’t remember the last time we had so many. Labor Day weekend can’t come soon enough. What do you think of Clemson’s 2013 recruiting cycle? Impressed? Disappointed? Please leave your comments in the section below. I enjoy hearing from you.

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