Just Let Me Stop Caring

Clemson hasn’t won a championship since I was two years old. I finished my last semester of class at Clemson and got an awesome internship at Definition 6, a unified marketing agency in Atlanta. So after Clemson’s 6-7 season and after watching them lose to South Carolina and South Florida to close the season, how could I possibly still be interested in Clemson football?

Well Dabo fired our crummy offensive coordinator and hired Chad Morris, the offensive coordinator at Tulsa. Morris’s offense was the 5th ranked offense in the nation. Clemson’s offense was 87th. He runs an exciting hurry up spread offense. Dabo chose this guy over Ralph Friedgen who contacted Dabo Swinney about the position.

Will the spread offense work in Clemson? I dunno. It’s a very risky hire considering he was coaching high school football a little over a year ago.
Do I still care at this point? Unfortunately I care as much as ever. Why can’t Clemson just let me stop caring?

Do you think the spread can work at Clemson? Do you think it will work while Dabo is there?


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