Annoyed at the World

Tommy has been in his corner playing his guitar, getting a 700 on the GMAT, and not writing anything for the blog so I figured I’d write a little blurb before I head off to Charlotte for the Meineke Car “Who Cares?” Bowl.

First of all, wasn’t 32 bowl games enough? We have 35 bowl games now so we all get to watch FIU, UTEP, and a bunch of other undeserving teams (Clemson?) play in bowl games. The fact that I enjoy watching parts of the SMU v Army game is scary, but hey at least I don’t get all giddy about watching a Blues v Kings hockey game (Tommy, cough…cough).

Surprising move over in College Park, MD as the Terps fired long time head football coach Ralph Friedgen. If they get Mike Leach (which I think they will) then it was a great call. Regardless, I can appreciate the way they don’t accept mediocrity up there in College Park.

On the music front I recently realized there are two nearly identical songs involving putting your hands in the air–“All  I do is Win” and “Dynamite.” Neither has any musical merit and the poorly written lyrics are hyper linked. I’m not sure which is worse, but if I had to choose I’d go with “Dynamite.” At least “All I do is Win” has that fake look how bad ass I am kind of feel to it. I’m not putting my hands up in the air, I hope you’ll join me in keep your hands firmly in your pockets.

Anyway, that’s all I had to complain about on this lovely Thursday. Oh and on a brighter note…my New Year’s resolution comes from this quote “Make the people around you feel irreplaceable and you’ll become irreplaceable.” What’s your New Year’s resolution?


One thought on “Annoyed at the World

  1. Yes, I apologize for my absence from our blog. But if no blogging contributes to my 700 on the GMAT and my perfect 6/6 on the writing section, then I’ll take it. So I retract my previous statement–I’m not sorry at all.

    I’m going to the Meineke Car Crap Bowl as well. I wish I could care more, but I’ve just had so much apathy with regards to Clemson football and college football as a whole for quite a while now. I think it started somewhere after the sloppy loss to UNC. I’m just tired of the same old story with Clemson sports, and my indifference has spread to the entire NCAA. But I’ll still get excited for a nice Blues/Kings game, because hockey is superior to all other sports, and it’s not even close. Ryan won’t ever understand.

    Ryan, why did you talk about those two items under the music category? The music category is reserved for MUSIC, not mindless crap. Nevertheless, your opinions (or facts?) are laudable.

    And that’s a great, cliche, sugarcoated New Year’s resolution. But if it helps you, great. I, however, stopped caring about New Year’s resolutions long ago, because commitment goes on for about 16.7 days before we realize that these things are a waste of time, or we just forget about them. Ryan, you might think that this conclusion is part of my rebellious nature/I don’t care attitude/superiority complex. To which I would retort….yes, you’re correct.

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