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Chris Christie Extinguishes Chances to Become GOP Leader

It wasn’t but a year ago that Republicans across the nation were singing the praises of NJ Governor, Chris Christie. He had just fought entrenched NJ government employees in a liberal state to fix their pension system. He fought the NJ Teacher’s Union and others in the state to bring the state’s finances back within reason. He said: … Continue reading

Republicans Duke It Out On Liberal MSNBC

Conservative Republicans came together in Simi Valley California for a debate on the most liberal news network in the country–MSNBC. Brian Williams hit the Republicans with some very tough questions and in general they responded beautifully. While it may seem like a cop-out, I felt that Romney and Perry were the winners. Ron Paul also had some … Continue reading

Republican Primary Primer: My Take

The murky waters of the Republican primary are beginning to clear up. With Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the primary, and Rick Perry (Governor-TX) joining the field, we’re starting to get a feel for the front runners and their varying views. The front runners seem to be Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry in … Continue reading