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The Greatest Band of the Last 20 Years?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set release their tenth studio album this coming Tuesday, 17 years after their first album hit shelves back in 1984. To build hype, they’ve already made it available to stream on iTunes so you can listen, but not yet purchase. I’ll be sure to post an album review in … Continue reading


Tunes of the Moment

I’m not gonna go into much detail here; the title should serve as a sufficient means to make at least a halfway-decent inference about the subject matter of this post (there was probably a much shorter way of saying that but I was being deliberately verbose for no other purposes than self-amusement). Check out these … Continue reading

Band of the Week: Digital Summer

My apologies for being a bit late with the newest band of the week (or, more realistically, 7-12 day period).  I know there must be so many annoyed readers out there (….), but this week’s band is definitely worth the wait.  The featured group is a Phoenix-based outfit called Digital Summer.  This band first came … Continue reading