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Coach Gordon’s White Board – Delaware State

The beginning of each NCAA Basketball season is a time for reflection and a time for a team to develop a new identity, and this years young Clemson Tigers are no exception. This week we take a look at the white board and analyze the Tigers 58-37 win over the Delaware State Hornets. The first … Continue reading


Clemson Basketball Preview 2013-2014

Clemson Basketball Preview 2013-2014

We again welcome our college basketball writer, Mark Gordon, for a guest blog post. In this one, he breaks down the year ahead for the hardwood Tigers. Enjoy, share, and please leave your comments in the section below. Also please use the Facebook widget on the right sidebar to “Like” us on Facebook. Follow Mark … Continue reading

#FSU at #Clemson – The Final Countdown

#FSU at #Clemson – The Final Countdown

Follow @Ryan_Kantor It’s been WAY too long. I’m happy to say Mark Gordon, an occasional writer for us has contributed his preview in much the same format (three positives/three negatives) as the previous. A great read below, check it out. There’s something for Clemson and FSU fans alike. Ladies and gentlemen, it is once again that … Continue reading

Clemson 2012 Keys To Victory: Guest Blog Post

Folks are starting to receive their Clemson tickets in the mail this week, and the excitement of college football is nearly upon us. If you didn’t see my last blog post, I previewed the Clemson football season and gave my predictions. There’s more to come with another Clemson football preview, a UGA football preview, and here guest … Continue reading

Let’s All Do The Conference Realignment Shuffle

Gordon is Grumbling We welcome Gordon back for another epic guest blog post. He’s been here before blogging about college football, as well as other topics. This time, he gives his take on all the changes to our college football conferences. The ACC made a statement this weekend with wins by Clemson and Miami over national powerhouses … Continue reading

Boise State 33, College Football 30

Gordon is Grumbling Yes, it’s official sports fans, the 2010-11 college football season is ruined already. Only this time, it’s not the BCS system or the pathetic cupcake games in week one ruining our fun. No, this time it was the most important game in week one that ruined the season for both fans and … Continue reading

Revis Island – Population Zero

Gordon is Grumbling Here is something I never thought that I would catch myself saying on August 23rd, let’s talk football! It’s bad enough that we all have to tune into ESPN and watch highlights of the first quarter of a meaningless game between the Eagles and Jaguars or get updates every time Brett Favre … Continue reading

The Real Problem with LeBron James

Gordon is Grumbling Alright sports fans, let’s get something straight. There are a lot of reasons to be angry with LeBron James this offseason, but going to Miami isn’t one of them. Sure, we’re all a little angry that he went the way of D-Wade and Chris Bosh because our favorite teams now have a … Continue reading