Book Review: Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly (No Spoilers)

After watching the Social Dilemma on Netflix, I’ve decided my New Year’s resolution for 2021 will be to read more and spend less time on social media. For a resolution to hold any weight, it must be specific and measurable, so I’m going for 26 books and no Twitter app on my smartphone.

I’m not waiting until 2021 to start reading though. As someone on social media recommended (irony!), I checked out some novels by author Michael Connelly. I started with Lincoln Lawyer. It is his most famous novel because it was turned into a Hollywood blockbuster starring Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei. It was excellent so I continued on to the next book in the series, Brass Verdict. That book connected with his crime drama series featuring LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Since none of his books require starting from the beginning of the series, I jumped right into that series with Nine Dragons. I’m glad I did.

Nine Dragons begins in Los Angeles with Detective Bosch trying to solve the murder of a liquor shop owner. The case leads them to someone who is a member of a Chinese triad – essentially Chinese Mafia. He then receives an anonymous call threatening him if he doesn’t drop the case. Soon after the call, his daughter living with his ex-wife in Hong Kong, is abducted.

From there, the reader is taken on a roller coaster of twists and turns as the books’ two storylines, the murder mystery and the abduction, wind together and progress toward their eventual conclusions.

Michael Connelly has done a masterful job crafting in this novel. It harkens back to the movie Taken with Liam Neeson only with much more character development and mystery. It has the action to keep you turning the page and the character development and intrigue to make you feel invested. It’s not a new book, but I just got around to it and if you haven’t I highly recommend it.

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