We Bid Farewell to Clemson Football Alumni

With Clemson’s 44-16 victory over Alabama in the 2019 College Football National Championship game, the Tiger seniors become the winningest senior class in college football history at 55-4. The 55-win mark is only matched by the seniors on the Alabama team they just beat.

Clemson’s seniors lost only four games in the past four seasons (Alabama twice, Pittsburgh, and Syracuse). They won four ACC Championships and two National Championships. The latter of the two National Championship teams went 15-0 and is considered by some to be the greatest college football team in modern history.

It’s a special group, not just because of their remarkable accomplishments, but also because they did it the right way. They broke the school record for team GPA and had 66 players with a 3.0 or better. To say farewell to such a special group, me and my fellow writers at Shakin the Southland wrote a Farewell Article to each departing senior (as well as some of the early departing juniors). Below are the articles from the series that I published:

Kudos and thank you to these members of the Clemson family!



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