Discussing the ACC’s Decision to Stay at Eight Games – MarkRogersTV

I was on MarkRogersTV to discuss and debate the ACC’s decision to remain at an eight-game conference schedule. 

Although the other “Big Five Conferences” (B1G, Big12, Pac-12) have moved to nine-game conference schedules, the SEC and ACC decided to go the other direction and hold steady at eight games. They also instituted a mandate requiring members to play at least one non-conference opponent against another member of a “Big Five Conference.” ACC teams will have the option to schedule other ACC teams in their non-conference schedule as part of this requirement, should they choose to do so.

First, we discuss the situation. If you’re already familiar with the scheduling decisions, jump down to the second video, where we debate the merits of eight and nine-game schedules.

First we discuss

Then we debate


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