Where Does Clemson’s Run of Success Fit in School History

Clemson reached 11 wins by defeating Ohio State in the Discover Orange Bowl. It’s the first time Clemson has reached the 11-win mark in consecutive seasons, but fans are still unsure how the recent run of success fits in Clemson history.

To look into the topic I’ve plotted wins by season dating back to the Charlie Pell era (the purple shading indicates the coaching era). The expansion to the 12-game schedule in 2006 makes it a little tricky. To account for that, I’ve also plotted total losses in a separate chart.

Danny Ford had an incredible seven seasons with two losses or less and stands head and shoulders above those who came after him. You can see the decline under Coach West, the rebuild and plateau under Bowden, and finally the return to prominence under Coach Swinney. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments. Click on the charts to enlarge.



•1977-1978: Charlie Pell (Did not coach 1978 Gator Bowl)
•1979-1989: Danny Ford
•1990-1993: Ken Hatfield
•1994-1998: Tommy West (Did not coach 1993 Peach Bowl)
•1999-2007: Tommy Bowden (Resigned after six games in 2007)
•2008-2013: Dabo Swinney
•Teams began playing a 12-game schedule in ‘06.

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