Virginia Tech Football: Losing Their Mind

What is this monstrosity?

The Fighting Gobblers will wear this monstrosity of a helmet for their Thursday Night home tilt against Georgia Tech.

What in the world are they doing up in Blacksburg? Two years ago I gave Maryland a hard time about their ugly helmets and uniforms, but who knew Virginia Tech would blow them out of the water. VT has been breaking out some hideous uniforms and eye sore helmets lately, but this is a new low. Even the Times Dispatch, a Richmond based newspaper, shows a big chunk of website visitors say they “Hate it” in their online poll. 

UVA’s SB Nation site, Streaking the Lawn, cracks on them pretty hard for their weird stumbles through poor fashion decisions. This post is hilarious and a must read: Terrible Taste in Helmets.

My eyes! My eyes! Look away it burns the eyes!

For what it’s worth, Bleacher Report included Virginia Tech in their list of helmets that shouldn’t change.  Unfortunately they didn’t listen and have quite a few regrettable alternate helmets. Clemson was also included the Bleacher Report list of helmets that should never changeLet me use this as an opportunity to pound my chest and say this will never happen (below).

May this helmet never see the light of day!

May this helmet never see the light of day!

You don’t see Nebraska, Southern Cal, Penn State, Alabama, Georgia, Florida State, or most other schools with a rich tradition mess with their helmets. I say don’t get cute, stick with tradition, and just lace up and win football games.

But finally, I have to admit, this does make me look forward to the game ever so slightly more. Not because VT is doing something cool, but so that we can all have a laugh at their expense. I presume they won’t care if they can beat GT.

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