Moral Relativism Even Repudiated by Atheist – Reasonable Faith

Ages ago, I wrote two posts that sparked a lively debate. The first, a repudiation of Moral Relativism, the second a follow-up with a real life example from CNN.

In 2011, there was a debate on the topic “are there objective morals without God.” Shockingly (one debater is a “militant atheist”) it takes place at Notre Dame. Just as shocking, the atheist starts his argument by repudiating moral relativism (jump to the 29:00 mark in the embedded video above). He slams a high-ranking, and frankly revolting bureaucrat who in a conversation with him, was so fearful of being intolerant that she would not agree that evil atrocities were morally wrong (because they may be viewed as acceptable in other cultures). It’s a great repudiation of moral relativism and all the more interesting because it comes from someone who is a very staunch atheist.

Check out the video above, it’s a rather philosophical debate as are most from, which I’ve found to be a very smart and insightful and highly recommend if you are at all interested in learning more about philosophy and theology.

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