Brad Brownell Gives Harsh, Honest Interview

Clemson’s basketball season was obviously a huge disappointment. Finishing at 13-18 it was the Tigers’ worst season in nearly a decade. They hadn’t been below .500 since Oliver Purnell’s first season in 2003-04. Injuries, youth (only two upperclassmen), and a lack of leadership from the senior class were big reasons for the failure.

Head Coach, Brad Brownell, offered some harsh, honest wisdom in his season wrap-up interview. The quotes are absolute gold.

One of the toughest excerpts was directed right at the seniors:

Some guys got to play more minutes than they should play, or they got to stay out there when they were making mistakes because there weren’t enough guys. Because Milton and Devin were clearly better than our younger post players they probably got to play through some things where if there was another guy that had been older and was very productive, you could take one of them out, like a Bobo (Catalin Baciu). There were times they felt like they were better, and it was harder for me to coach them the way they need to be coached all the time, which sometimes is to take them out.

That’s not even the harshest bit. Be sure to check out my full article on what I thought was an extremely encouraging season wrap interview here, or watch the whole interview below.

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