Sports-Kings: Baseball Socialism Choking Its flagship Franchise

With a quiet off-season coming on the heels of a very disappointing ALCS for the New York Yankees, their fans are growing more and more restless with each giant contract given out by the suddenly wild and crazy Dodgers. Used to being the headline team, New York’s austerity measures haven’t exactly been well received by fans.

I’ve taken exception to the murmurs and written a piece for where I explain how a culmination of the rules from revenue sharing, to the 2003 introduction of a luxury tax, to the 2013 change in draft pick compensation has lead to this shift in philosophy. Most definitely, it is not a change in the New York Yankees’ drive to win World Series.

For the full story, please click here and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Rumor alert: Despite the need to reduce payroll to $189 million by 2014 (austerity is rough, huh?) rumors run amok that the Yankees are working may bring in Mike Morse from Washington who only has one-year and $6.75 million remaining on his contract. He’s evidently opposed to being a full-time DH, which may or may not be a problem, we’ll see. Surely though, Morse can provide what they lost in Nick Swisher without the extra $50 million dollars and history of playoff struggles.

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2 thoughts on “Sports-Kings: Baseball Socialism Choking Its flagship Franchise

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