Why Yahoo Fantasy Football Is Still Clearly Superior To ESPN’s Best Effort

This Sunday was a disaster for Yahoo! Sports, as their entire fantasy football website crashed. Managers were unable to get on to check their teams, or adjust their rosters. Surely, thousands of procrastinating fantasy managers left bye-week players in their lineups.

They have since improved their servers. According to their Twitter account:

We’ve improved the fantasy server issues on PC/mobile & will continue to monitor. We apologize for these issues & will continue to update.

Even with that disaster, they are still a billion times better than ESPN Fantasy sports. Here’s why:
  1. When you’re in the draft room, ESPN doesn’t tell you who the imbecile is that picked the Baltimore Defense in the 6th round. Making it near impossible to rag on the nincompoops in the draft.
  2. Also in the draft room, they just throw out their projections for everyone to use. Woah, woah, that’s too much information. I don’t want the no-nothings in the league to get that information. I will look it up myself and they can clueless take Eli in the third round so I can dominate. Don’t force feed them helpful information. They can get it on their own. Give us nothing more than last year’s stats and your pre-rankings.
  3. No fractional points… Of course you can change this, but ESPN standard doesn’t include fractional points so if you have a player get 199 passing yards, 9 rushing yards, and 9 receiving yards they get 7 fantasy points (1 point for 25 passing yards). 24 passing yards, 9 rushing yards, and 9 receiving yards are completely ignored. Meanwhile, a player with 175 passing yards and 10 rushing yards scores more fantasy points. It’s silly and introduces an absolutely huge element of luck into a game that is already way too luck based. Consider this, each player loses 0-2.7 points based on this scoring (save kickers and defense) and the amount they lose is purely luck based. That’s enough to reshape a league.
  4. The ESPN fantasy league page fosters zero engagement…Zero! There’s a random picture of some players and a little message board off to the side. On Yahoo, there is smack talk with a chatter feed and message boards that stake claim to a large portion of the center page.
  5. The My Team page doesn’t obviously display player stats and points. They make you navigate through a plethora of tabs, none of which actually display the fantasy points. For that you have to launch a flash window. Ridiculous.
  6. ESPN loves Obama! Guaranteed they bring him on amiss a crisis with Iran to make his March Madness selections, and they gush about his brother coaching at Oregon State. Why else would they televise Beaver basketball?
  7. Worst of all, there is only one day each week you can  place your waiver claims, Tuesday.
  8. Worst of all, you can’t set next week’s lineup in advance.
  9. Worst of all…this ad…

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6 thoughts on “Why Yahoo Fantasy Football Is Still Clearly Superior To ESPN’s Best Effort

  1. Yahoo is kinda falling apart. They had their site crash from 12:30 to 1pm on a Sunday last year and now they botched a pending trade in my baseball league. ESPN is not an option though. ESPN is awful. What else is there?

    • #3 is easy enough to adjust, but for ESPN to make that it’s standard is laughable. How do you adjust #7. There’s an easy way to adjust waiver dates, but not a clear way to make it so you can hold the same dates and just place waivers on players earlier.

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