Down 0-9, Yankees Come Back To Beat Boston, Phil Humber Tosses Perfect Game

What a great game it is! Fox Saturday baseball could not have delivered a more enjoyable show today. After the Yankees trailed 0-9 behind another shameful start from Freddy Garcia… I started doing school work. I’ve never seen a nine run comeback, and frankly with our pitching looking the way it was, this seemed like the game the Red Sox needed to right the ship (after suffering four straight losses and sitting at 4-9), much like the Pittsburgh Penguins crazy win in game four to bring that NHL playoff series back to life.

Fox switched to the White Sox @ Mariners game to chronicle Phil Humber’s quest for the 21st perfect game in MLB history. Commentators joked before the game’s conclusion that if he completed the perfect game maybe people would start pronouncing his name correctly (pronounced Umber with a silent H). With two outs in the ninth, Humber struck out Brendan Ryan and pleaded AJ Pierzynski on as he ran to backstop to make the final assist to first base and complete the perfect game. Humber had to fight to keep his emotions in check  in the post game interview. It’s awfully easy to be happy for him, and I will be pronouncing his name properly from here forward.

After Phil Humber cemented himself in baseball history, Fox flipped back to ugly game in Fenway and had to catch the audience up. Nick Swisher connected on a grand slam off Vicente Padilla and with a run the inning before the score was now 5-9. Teixeira was just stepping up to bat with two runners on base when the commentators finished explaining the last home run, and promptly hit a three run dinger himself to make it a 8-9 game.

The seven-run seventh inning was followed by a seven-run eight inning and the Yankees’ stout bullpen held the lead making today’s game the third time the New York Yankees have overcome a nine run deficit against the Boston Red Sox. Nine runs is the largest deficit the franchise has ever surmounted, doing it on five occasions.

CC Sabathia will take the mount against Daniel Bard tomorrow (although it may be rained out) to go for the sweep. The Boston fans have turned against new manager Bobby Valentine and a sweep at the hands of their arch rivals would only ratchet up the fervor. This should be fun. New York @ Boston, 8:05 pm, 4/22/2012,  ESPN

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