Why Am I The Only One Who Has Noticed That Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor Comprise The Presidential Dream Ticket?

You know, the Democrats like to throw out liberal policies and then call the Republicans the “Party of No” for rejecting them, and that’s fine. That’s typical politics. There’s nothing crazy about that, and frankly Republicans by rule should being saying no to a lot of government actions, so that’s totally ok by me. The reason I mention it though, is to contrast it with the work of Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan has offered an alternative to Obamacare that embraces free market measures to keep prices down. Not only that, but he worked with a Democrat, Ron Wyden (D-OR), to get bipartisan support. It sounds like he is offering not just rhetoric, but ideas, and not just ideas but ideas that can span across the aisle. That’s not the only one either. He also came out with a plan to fix the congress’ budget process (The 2012 state of the union marked the 1,000th day since congress passed a budget). He’s become a true leader in the senate by offering real solutions to America’s problems.

Eric Cantor is the only Jewish Republican in congress, and is known for fighting for Israel’s safety. The Republican Congressman from western Richmond, VA is currently working on a bill that would make insider trading illegal for not just congressmen and senators, but also executive office employees. In his State of the Union Address, Barack Obama exclaimed his willingness to sign a bill that would stop congressmen and senators from profiting from stock moves based on non-public information. Congressman Cantor is taking it a step further, making the bill apply to a wider group of government officials and applying to more than just stock trades. Fighting the corruption in Washington with action rather than rhetoric. Who could disagree with that?

Why is this my presidential dream ticket? Well, it’s not just that they both come from swing states, which would give a Ryan-Cantor ticket a big electability advantage, and it’s not just that they offer solutions rather than just rhetoric. Is it because they’ve shown the ability to reach across the aisle? No. Is it because Eric Cantor fights for Israel or that Paul Ryan has some bright ideas about economic issues? No.

All of these are great and legitimate reasons why this could be an amazing duo for the executive office someday, but the real reason, the single most important for our country, the reason I believe you should support a Ryan-Cantor presidential ticket is the aurora of the name, “Ryan-Cantor.” Just think of the marketing! For some reason it just resonates. Who could vote against “Ryan-Cantor“? I couldn’t tell you anyone. It sounds so… familiar. It just sounds like their message would really hit home for me. It comes off the tongue so naturally. I know that I, Ryan Kantor, would fiercely support “Ryan-Cantor“!

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6 thoughts on “Why Am I The Only One Who Has Noticed That Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor Comprise The Presidential Dream Ticket?


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