Merry Christmas To All My Blog Subscibers

Merry Christmas to all my blog subscribers, and thank you for reading this year. Christmas is a day to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human. Today we thank God for his gift of the Christ child, spend time with family, and maybe watch some basketball, as the NBA finally started its season with five Christmas Day games.

With the Chris Paul stolen from the Lakers by a Scrooge of a NBA commissioner–David Stern–the Lakers didn’t have enough speed at the point guard position to stop Derrick Rose from making the game winning floater in the line. For my take on the Commissioner’s veto of the Chris Paul trade, click here. The Lakers should have won with a couple of made free throws though, so I won’t complain too much. It will be interesting to see how the NBA’s ratings are in a shortened season following the lockout and without great teams in Los Angeles and Boston.

For Laker fans like myself who realize this NBA season may not be filled with merriment, you can watch Dabo Swinney’s interview after winning the ACC Championship and relive that joy (unless you’re not a Clemson fan, then I hope your NFL team of choice is good).

For those of you who are Christians and still haven’t had your fill of Christmas videos, you may like this Story of Jesus’s Birth: Facebook Style.

Hopefully I’ll come up with some novel ideas to blog about over the next two weeks. You can expect something after the Iowa Caucuses and after the Orange Bowl.

Go Tigers! Go Lakers! Merry Christmas!

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