Dear Braves and Red Sox…Sincerely The Mets

After last night’s historic finish to the MLB season, we take some time to put it all in context. For that, I invited an old friend who is a tried and true Mets fan. In 2007, he experienced a collapse not unlike those from Boston and Atlanta so he remembers what it feels like and writes an open letter to the fans in Atlanta and Boston.

Dear Braves and Red Sox fans,

My name is Ryan Conover and I am a New York Mets fan. No one feels more empathy for Boston and Atlanta than I do.

Three weeks left in the 2007 season, my Mets held a seven game division lead in the National League East. Not only did we lose the division, but we couldn’t hang on to even win the wild card. Now that’s the definition of a choke.

Similar to the Braves situation, the Mets ’07 collapse left them clinging onto a one game lead going into the final series of the season, at home. The only difference is the Mets had the Marlins, while the Braves were stuck with the over powering Phillies.

Let’s revisit 2007 for a second. The Mets finished the season with a seven game home stand against teams with losing records. They went onto lose six of those seven games and finished one game behind the Phillies in the NL East, and don’t forget, right before that home stand, the Mets had a four game series versus the surging Phillies. The Mets got swept by the Phillies to start the slide. Ring any bells Braves fans?

Let’s turn to the Red Sox. Like the ‘07 Mets, Boston has a star closer fall apart in the final week. Remember, Billy Wagner blew two saves in the final stretch of the season, just like Papelbon. Wagner’s blown saves both came in games that the Mets made a comeback in to take a 9th inning lead, making the losses even more crushing.

Enough of the pity party!

It will get better. You guys are not the Mets. The Braves will continue to finish ahead of the Mets every year and the Red Sox will continue to be a storied franchise.

For the Mets, we have never been as good as the 2007 season and the future is not looking bright.

Keep your heads up and you always have next season when you guys know you can compete again.

At the end of the day, to show you the silver lining, just remember; at least you’re not a Mets fan.


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