Blog Update: Custom Domain & New Blog Title

You may notice that the URL above is different, as I just purchased If you go to the old URL ( it’ll just redirect you here, so no harm done. Tommy has spun off his own blog about movies, so I thank him for helping me get started, and getting some traction on this blog. He’ll still be an occasional guest blogger here and I’ll likely write the occasional guest post on his movie blog.

You’ll also notice that the blog has a new title. No longer spliting the blog with Tommy and his Tirades, I had to think of a new name. Hope you like the new title: Home Runs, Apple Pie, and Rock ‘n Roll. It’s an attempt to explain the three main topics of the blog without stating them explicitly. If you have any genius ideas for a blog title, please share.

With the Republican presidential primaries, the MLB playoffs, college football, and a bevy of great new music all coming quickly, you expect some blog posts shorty.

To my blog subscribers, I thank you. To those who have enjoyed my blog, but not yet subscribed, please sign up under the “Enjoy My Blog” title on the right sidebar.


3 thoughts on “Blog Update: Custom Domain & New Blog Title

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  2. Nice branding, Ryan! Looking forward to your posts! Maybe I’ll see you in Tampa for the 2012 Republican National Convention next August?!!

  3. Thanks for the comment Tom. Will you be in Tampa for the RNC?!? I doubt I actually go, but it would be a very cool experience.

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